Monthly archives: June 2010

as it stands

It has been a summer like fall, and I have been quietly glad. Glad, because this is my favorite weather for working. In the hot sun I melt into squishy siesta. I get very little done.
Instead I have been working on my wagon, and as I proposed, Things Are Happening. I’ll be damned if I don’t really get the inside of the thing done before my mid-July birthday after all. I daydream about details: the color of the trim around the bedroom* window, the place where I will hang shelves above a little round table, [...]

people of montabauer!

We, that is Black Diamond Express Train to Hell, are playing in Montabauer tonight at midnight in a bar called “dat Ählchen.” Come for the sawed-off shot guns and stay for the whiskey-fueled bar fights! (And the just-finished demo cds and tapes! Peng peng!)
Festival International de la Musique
Black Diamond Express Train to Hell
Look what nice things the organizers said about us: “Lebensfroh, immer in Bewegung und liebevoll unkonventionell für unsere Breitengrade kommen BLACK DIAMOND EXPRESS TRAIN TO HELL daher. Ihr Country-Blues sprengt die Grenzen des Alltäglichen und verspricht eine lange farbenfrohe Nacht. ” We met them [...]