Monthly archives: May 2010

people of frankfurt!

Tonight I will be doing a Click Clack Gorilla reading at Raumstation Rödelheim. Then Margaret Killjoy, the editor of Mythmakers and Lawbreakers will talk about Anarchism in Literature. There will be witty cartoon “slides.” (Fuck projectors. Long live hand written posters on the back of other, older posters.) I am too disorganized to be sure, but I think it will begin around 8 pm.
This is where I ask you for advice
I still haven’t decided what I will read tonight. (Probably two or three peices from the first paper issue of Click Clack Gorilla and/or [...]

save the earth with our easy 12-step program

And now a word from the boycott/green-consumerism environmentalists: “If you buy only recycled goods, you’ll be saving 1000s of trees.” Or the excited elementary school children who have just read 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth (cough, me when I was 10): “Hey Mom, if we just put a brick in the toilet we’ll be saving hundreds of gallons of water a year!”
People who are into recycling accomplish a lot of great things, and they seem, by and large, to be a pretty intelligent group. But I don’t like the rhetoric I often hear used [...]

lists, conspiracies, secrets

I have come to some conclusions about my priorities in the last few days that will change everything. (Rethinking things does seem to be in the air right now, doesn’t it? A Bird song lyric keeps coming to mind, “Everything she knows could be false.” Always a good thing to keep in mind. But this isn’t quite that kind of rethinking.)
The main conclusion is obvious, but goes something like this: “I really, really, REALLY want to get the trash book finished and published as soon as possible.” Well, duh. I already knew that. [...]

the rock beneath which i’ve been hiding

Long time no read. I know, I know. I disappeared into the void that is the world when your only contact point is the internet. But what a void it is! Spring had me by the throat. (Is that a good thing? In an asphyxiation fetish sort of way, I suppose it is. Or to make the metaphor a bit clearer: It had me by the balls. By the ovaries. By the heart.)
Now spring has vanished again in a burst of rain and nights so cold I’m lighting the wood stove [...]