the suitcase

There used to be a small wagon between the red wagon and the spot where my future wagon will be. We call it “the suitcase.” A few days ago we moved it to another part of the wagenplatz.



Where did all that space come from? The suitcase is small, three meters, tops, yet now, now! I look around and my eyes fill with the garden that will, in a couple of months, have taken the suitcase’s place.

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Sunday March 07th 2010, 7:26 am 4 Comments
Filed under: conspiracies,daily life,wagenplatz

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i so wish your pictures were click-able, so i could get a closer look at large versions.

i wants a suitcase. well, i guess i already have a 24-foot one waiting for me in butte…

Comment by melee 03.08.10 @ 9:50 am

m: you know, i wish i knew how to make them click-able, but i think it would involve doing something to complicate the site. a 24-foot “suitcase”?? i want to hear more about that.

Comment by clickclackgorilla 03.12.10 @ 9:55 pm

yeah, probably would complicate it.

24-foot “suitcase” = our travel trailer over there in storage. but it might not qualify for the term exactly, due to various reasons + glaring differences. mainly – i ought not covet yourn, when i have a big body/stuff-lugging container already (and plans to get a truck camper already in the works). i just like houses built to move…these are second best to moving around and building shelters with whatever’s there, wherevers you are.

Comment by melee 03.13.10 @ 6:47 am

m: ahh, i was thinking the other camper/trailer, but for some reason 24-foot sounded so immensely huge when i read it (i think i automatically imagined something like 24-meters) that i thought maybe it meant you had a new suitcase baby snail shell. ditto on the houses being built to move, ditto on it being second best to moving around and building with that’s there.

Comment by clickclackgorilla 03.13.10 @ 2:11 pm

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