Monthly archives: March 2010

and today we will learn how to waste

Here is a small not-yet-even-rough bit of text that will eventually find its way into the freegan book. I haven’t sourced anything in here yet, but believe you me, everything in here is source-able and will one day be filled with insane (from the books I mention) and interesting (from books about the history of trash) quotes. Enjoy. (Comments appreciated.)
“Declutter Your Life.” It is the title of one of three pages of books that I find on amazon when I search the keyword “declutter.” These are self-help manuals to cure the pack rat. They [...]

dumpster find of the week

Oo la la.
Also took home: a red leather suitcase, black high top Converse that fit the Beard, black skinny leg jeans, a sweater, and two down blanket covers with matching pillowcases.
The trash coffers are full and overflowing in that way they only do at the end of the month before a bunch of people move out. The food dumpsters had little to offer last night, but tonight they will overflow again with the refuse of the weekend.
This just in (the trash)
Right after writing this and scheduling it to post automatically, I discovered another motherload in the uni big trash [...]

no strings attached

I was sitting in the student center, cutting and pasting bits of a short zine together at one of the tables usually occupied by the black-leather-clad Magic players.
A woman approached me, looking nervous. Long black hair, long gray wool coat. Stack of papers clutched to her chest. “Can I bother you for a minute?”
“Sure.” I looked at her briefly and then went back to pasting as she started to tell me about the financial advisory company she worked for. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that she was leaning toward me, [...]

the green window

I was sitting in bed listening to music when a loud BANG against the window scared the bejesus out of me. I hopped out of bed and stood tensed, listening. Should I open the door and risk getting hit with something as soon as I did? I peered out of a small window near the door. No one in sight. Then, on the other side of the wagon I opened the window and stuck my head out to listen. Still no sound.
I gathered my courage and swing open the door. Nothing hit it. [...]

all i wanna do is drink beer for breakfast

In America if somebody sees you drinking beer for breakfast they are probably assuming that you’re an alcoholic. In Germany they just go ahead and assume that you’re Bavarian.
Here’s something I wrote for another website, to fill this abyss of non-posting this week. Recording + work = tired. Next week there will be heaps and heaps of posts to make up for it.
When all you want to do is drink beer for breakfast.

today it was spring and i did not despair

Returned from Mannheim, recovered from the weekend, spring here. Today more seeds in dirt went into the greenhouse, more random trash disappeared from my future-wagon-spot, and I built crumbly brick mini walls to mark the places where spring and summer will bring gardens.
Soon I will be closing up the hole in my wagon wall, sanding floor boards, moving my house-ship-trailer, and breathing a big sigh of relief. Will it ever really be finished? Yes. I can even imagine it, and I do imagine it, every day, in excruciating detail.
Yet something about the thought of actually finishing [...]


If it is Friday afternoon, then by the time you read this I will be on the way to Mannheim (!) to record (!!) a demo album (!!!!) with lots of people that I really like (!!!!!!). Which means that sometime soon we can finally release the country noises that we’ve been brewing out back into the world, for better or for worse, ’til death to us part.
In other news it is so warm that I am wearing a tank top, and when I got home form work yesterday night, I found everyone sitting around a table outside eating [...]

dumpster find of the week: antique shipping crates

Shipping crates once upon a time used to transport artifacts from somewhere to this university’s anthropology department. Now cleaned out (except for one lost tooth which Karlsson quickly pocketed) and discarded. Several crates had newspaper clippings from the 1960s inside, others bore labels reading “1935.” It took two tractor trailer loads to get them all home.
Today many of the crates turned into the (until today still partially open to weather) walls of Franken-shed, and the walls of a second wood shed/fence between my future wagon spot and the house garden. In their new life, the [...]

breakfast on the way

At one time, long long ago, I thought click clack gorilla was going to be (mostly) a travel blog. Ha! As I recently admitted to a reporter interested in my “story,” it turns out that I don’t even really like leaving my house/land. Whoops.
So, as usual, instead of telling you about Germany’s cultural quirks (you can read about those on another website where I also blog), I’m going to talk some more about chickens and food.
This (see picture to the left) is the chicken coop. Bean and Coyot built it last summer when the [...]

lifestyle + ism

The first time I heard the term was in a bathroom in New York City. I had gone down to Bluestockings to look at zines and drink tea. Scrawled on the bathroom wall, black ink on white wall was “Lifestyle anarchists fuck off.” I wondered what a “lifestyle anarchist” was. I wondered if it meant people who tried to live what they believed, and I wondered why that could possibly be bad, could possibly be a reason for a bathroom wall war cry.
The next time I heard talk of “lifestyle” activists/anarchists/whoever was on a discussion forum. [...]