Monthly archives: January 2010

let them eat lilies

It happened in a round-about way. This morning we woke up early. “I can’t sleep.” “Me neither. Let’s go to the flea market.” It would have been the first time I had been there before ten. Prime time. But today there was no flea market. The cold has finally driven even the hardcore boothers away.
We walked on, to the grocery store. Even though I’m really excited to try out what I just learned from Hobo Stripper about making a toothbrush out of a small stick, we needed new toothbrushes and bread. [...]

styrofoam, eggs

In the morning I wake to the sound of the chickens outside of my bedroom window. The rooster doesn’t crow at dawn, not our rooster. He crows around 10 or 11 pm, and at 3 or 4 am, and we joke that he’s just dimmed the lights and poured the drinks and is cawing “Paaa-rty!”
Outside of my bedroom window (my wagon window? my bed window? the window in my wagon next to my bed?) the chickens are pecking at an old block of Styrofoam. Little white balls litter the ground around it, and every morning their [...]

stuff yer face and yer ears

Tonight! In Haus Mainusch! Old Seed! Plus! Irmela and her accordion! A three course vegan dinner! Holy crap!
Old Seed at de Onderbroek (Njmegen, Holland), 2008

Old Seed at the Wagonhalle in Marsburg, Germany with accordion mad-genius Smasha (who just might be appearing tonight with Craig…).

And a pretty video from Plus with the song “In the Belly of Whale.”

Plus – In the belly of a whale from Plus on Vimeo.
As for Irmela, I don’t have any videos of her, but believe me, she’s great. Dinner starts at 19.00, music at 20.00.

how we learned to stop worrying and love the trash

Dear Readers: This is part of a part of a draft for my book about trash, eating trash, and trash as a huge in-your-face way of thinking about this moment in time. Be kind to it, and if you steal any of it, I will come to your house and eat your big toes.
Once upon a time there was no trash. There was chicken food and soap-making fat (translate today: leftovers from dinner). There were patches for holes and remade dresses (old clothing and flour sacks). There were supplies to make lye (wood ash, which [...]

she’s long gone with her red shoes on

Rain has melted the snow, has left icy mud and puddles that finger their way inside of my boots relentlessly. The tips of forgotten aluminum cans are exposed now, rusty icebergs.
The sun came back for an entire day and then left us again among the lonesome shades of gray. I lay in bed a long time that morning, thinking. I didn’t know the sun had come back, and sometimes there is so much to think about that I have to sit somewhere quiet to let the thoughts thump out their chaotic rhythm, for hours, until they finally [...]

the au pair chronicles, or we’re not in narnia anymore mr. tumnus

I started writing about my former life as an au pair without giving it much thought, and—whoops!—the serial has already grown fat and enormous, with no end in sight. I, on the other hand, grow wearing of listing the previous posts in each entry, but want everyone to be able to follow along. And a index is born.
For those of you just tuning in, once upon a time I was an au pair (read: nanny, read: live-in babysitter) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany for a rather rich, rather eccentric family of seven. Fresh from the proofreader’s desk and into a [...]

old seed, plus, irmela and her accordion

This is an event I’m putting on next Saturday night, should you happen to be in the area. Three-course vegan dinner plus three-courses of folk-esque music. Be there or be the jerk not at the party.

You can listen to Old Seed here and Plus here.

tangled up in blue

We got married on a Friday. A coincidence born of a tightly booked Standesamt (marriage office) and an upcoming visit from long-lost American friends, it did not, as it so easily could have, lead to excessive playing of The Cure. “Our song,” if we had bothered to choose one, would have likely been something like Godspeed’s Dead Flag Blues or a track from Wolves in the Throne Room.
My dress fulfilled every requirement dictated by that old tome of American wedding superstition: it was borrowed, blue, old (as in vintage), and new (as in to me). But that [...]

the year in books 2009

Every time I finish reading a book I write down the date, the title, and the author on the last page of my journal. It’s fascinating and exciting to look back over the years at all of the things I’ve read and to remember how each affected what I was living and breathing at the time.
Inspired by a lovely friend’s posting of a similar list (and I thought I was the only one who kept lists like this, long live the book punks!) that I thoroughly enjoyed perusing, I have decided to post my own list because I figure [...]

the same procedure as every year

On New Year’s Eve, it’s German tradition to watch a British comedy called Dinner for One, which is shown a hundred times on television that day. Afterward tradition calls for getting very drunk and throwing fireworks at each other/houses/cars on the streets. There are no big city-sponsored fireworks displays each year, just a couple of burned down houses and deaths in the newspaper.
So if you would like to add a bit of the Teutonic to your New Year’s celebrations this year, watch this video, then go outside and try to blow up your neighbor’s house. Violent [...]