Monthly archives: October 2009

stranger with caddy

“But aren’t you scared?” It’s what they all want to know when they pick me up hitchhiking alone, and a conversation I would have in every car I got into that day.
“No.” I shrugged as I ran one finger down the seam of my sleeping bag. “Actually, I get the feeling that the people I ask for rides are more scared of me than I am of them. Especially women. I think women get hit especially hard with the ‘never pick up hitchhikers’ conditioning. Even more so than men. I don’t ask women [...]

the tyranny of an object, he thought. it doesn’t know i exist.

And on the first day, there was kipple, and there was nothing more that anyone could do about it.
It is the trash that creeps into abandoned buildings: empty bottles and rubble, crumpled magazines and cracked plastic buckets. It is the junk that creeps into your home and your drawers and the bottom of your purse. It is small plastic toys Made in China, and it is plastic bags. The corpses of lighters and faded blue shirts crumpled and dried into landscapes on cracked concrete. It is The Unexplainable Abandoned Single Shoe.
Kipple is the word that Philip [...]

as it were

In the future, those yellow and white boards will be dark purple. In the past, they were my neighbor’s ceiling. They made an ugly, annoyingly cheerful ceiling, so when he got a job he decided to replace them. As he took them down, I put them right back up. Once something of ours finally lands in the trash, it deserves to be thrown away. Until then ceilings become walls become trim. Bookshelves become flower beds become chicken coops. Sheets become curtains become bridal gowns…
The other two sides (not shown because I’m currently pretending [...]

we intend to live in peace

Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness is a little collective that distributes lots of zines for free on the internet. Including Steampunk Magazine, The Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages, and the ominously bizarre Yuppies With Spears. Gift economy, stories, political theory, hilarious comics! Go to their website and start reading already.
For those too lazy to make the long trip to another website, I will re-post one article that I found on their blog this morning, a delightful “letter” written by an anonymous someone or other. So get yer toast and yer coffee ready for a Sunday morning [...]

no sticks, just carrots

Fall is here. Because the wood for the wood stoves was delivered. Because I made the first soup of the season, and it had two pumpkins from my garden in it. Never mind that the leaves have started to fall, that the air is as crisp as their brown corpses beneath my feet.
Whenever The Red Planet is away, I become a dumpster diving machine. Bereft of nights cuddled together in bed, bereft of the temptation to entwine in a nest of blankets and pillows to watch children’s television shows on dvd, my gaze turns to food, [...]

in the land of the blind the dumpster diver is king

Last night there was a rainbow around the moon. Not a “I’m too drunk to see straight” rainbow or a “well, I guess the pills just started working” rainbow. A rainbow in a ring around the moon.
In the starless sky the moon was the only spotlight, a surreal plate of stage light among black clouds. And just around the plate was the rainbow, three colors, a rainbow ring around the fucking moon! I gaped. Top Hat walked by. “Can you see it too?” He could. We gaped together. I had just [...]

the quest stands upon the edge of a knife

Tuesday the pressure rose, not just coming from my own head anymore, but from the rising pressure in the air, the dark clouds, in the wind threatening rain.
I stared up for a long time, a hammer in the hand at my side, trying to read the sky. Would it rain and force me inside? Would it rain and ruin the new coat of stain? The sky here likes to bluff, and I still can’t accurately read its ticks. All day the sky threatened and teased. Better work faster, winter is coming, and fall. [...]