Monthly archives: July 2009

the turn of the screw

The fungus is gone, ripped out with a crowbar and a few power tools, burned, all the wood around it sprayed with gross chemical anti-fungus stuff that a friend had lying around from his own battle with what may or may not be the “common house sponge” (OF DOOM).

And oops, I didn’t take any after pictures. Now, where there was once a wasteland of spongey wood is a neat little hole that has convinced me that I really, really need to put another window in to let in more light.
I attacked the screws on Monday, having decided that I [...]

good riddance, hello rubbish

It’s happening again; the students are moving out, and throwing out. After two cups of coffee I decided to walk with the hand cart to the big trash depot. There was a large double-glassed window there I’d been eyeing for months. I wanted to put it in next to my bed, let more light into the wagon, and use the wood that I would cut out to put it in to patch up the hole I’d cut in the wall to get rid of the evil fungus.
Just outside the depot fence was a pile of random trash. [...]

fungus and trash

Saturday morning I cooked breakfast for a band from Israel–pancakes and beans and curry fired potatoes and peas and garlic bread spread. Once they took off for their next show Rabbit and I sat in the garden drinking coffee, and we got to talking about wagon repair and I asked him a hundred questions about how he fixed various parts of his wagon, actually listening and absorbing information about building for the first time in my life.
The weather was pleasantly cool and sunny, so I decided that today I’d start taking things apart and went to Bean to ask [...]

wingnut dishwashers union

I hate it when bloggers cop out by posting lots of stupid youtube videos. But my love for Johnny Hobo’s music exceeds all shame.
“But if you don’t want to work, then that becomes your job. There’s a lot of overtime. There’s not many days off. I hope you know that I’m not trying to complain, it just gets hard to explain to people that I know or the kids that come to shows that I just don’t want to talk about the office today.”
High five hobo dishwasher wingnut, high five.

Video by the Sleeveless wonder. Here’s to [...]

wagon rennovation part the first

Yesterday I started to get things done, even though what I really should have been doing was resting and destressing in preparation for the last night of Marx in Soho at the house. But I was restless, so I ripped up carpeting and discovered a beautiful wooden floor beneath.

Then I took the handcart to the trash depot with a good feeling, and came back with this cabinet. (And a wooden chair.)

Welcome to my kitchen, cabinet. I’m going tp paint it and put a little sink inside. Then I can hide the dirty dishes beneath the flap [...]

the wagon moves

Part One
We started to dig on Tuesday night. Dig dig dig, jack up the wagon, prop it up on a pile of stones, repeat. Dig dig dig, jack up the wagon, prop it up on a pile of stones, repeat. After three hours we had the wheels high enough to slip stones between the rubber and the soft earth beneath.
The underside of the wagon was coated in a film of old spider web and dead spiders. Rabbit propped up one wheel while Feet broke apart the little shed attached to the side. Then I took [...]

fingers crossed, shovels ready

Today is the day. Tonight, once it’s cool enough to dare any sort of outdoor labor, we will drive to Rüsselsheim, and we will dig this wheel and it’s three brothers out of their 20-year-long resting place in the dirt. So, if you happen to think of it, around 18 here and high noon on America’s east coast, please visualize this wheel levitating, light as a feather. And while you’re at it, please imagine that the wheels haven’t completely disintegrated and can still make the 25 or so kilometers between it and it’s new home. That [...]

something wicked this way comes

That is, my birthday. For some reason we westerners get culturally smashed over the head from birth on that this day should be the most beautiful day of the year, the perfect day, joyous, that nothing on this day should go wrong, that you should be showered with love and affection and presents, live happily ever after, ride off into the sunset, etc, etc. And then one day you’re an adult and you’re birthday expectations have been artificially raised so high that there is no way they can lead to anything but trouble.
Wouldn’t it make more sense if [...]

i am what i eat

In continuation of my (not so much) tradition (as sporadic and random) posting of dumpster diving pictures or videos every Saturday, a tribute to dumpster diving and The Mountain Goats, both of which I like very, very much.

vine-ripened tomatoes

This article is fantastic. I will post the first paragraph here in order to hypnotize you into actually following the link and reading the rest.
Ubiquitous Matrix of Lies by Charles Eisenstein
“Let’s begin with beer. Near my home I drive past a billboard advertisement for Coors Light. The slogan is, “Coors rocks Harrisburg.” Now, does anybody actually believe that Coors does in fact “rock Harrisburg?” No. Does the Coors corporation itself believe it? No. Does anyone believe that Coors believes it? No. It is a lie, everyone knows it is a lie, and no one cares. Everyone automatically [...]