Monthly archives: June 2009

ice tea and rotten vegetables

The world has finally started to act as if it’s summer. The air is hot and sticky, and everything happens in slow motion, moves in slow motion. And still we sweat and we sweat. My blood pumps slowly through my veins and my legs feel heavy as I sit in the sun wondering if I will ever feel hungry again. We drink fresh mint iced tea and stay up late, gulping in the cool night air like a cure.
The vegetables melt in the kitchen over night, grow big fuzzy sweaters of grey mold. The [...]

the marauder’s guide to cheap-ass german beer

The mission was simple. Five people, fifteen of the cheapest beers we could find, and a blind taste test. It was a cheap beer taste test because we were broke, and since we were almost always broke, we considered ourselves something of cheap beer experts. The good, the bad, and the ugly: we’d drank it, funneled it, and thrown it back up.
So it started–like every night of drinking starts when you’re broke–with a scramble to gather up all the empty bottles and cans since the last drinking frenzy that we could take back to the grocery store for Pfand. (Pfand=bottle [...]

wagon wheel

I imagine that it went something like this.
I was sitting in the red wagon, thinking about how I was freakin’ never going to get the money together to buy my own wagon (a room of her own, blah blah blah, etc etc). “Maybe I should just give up beer for a while, put a euro in a jar every time I want a beer. It worked for Sleeveless.”
Zoom up into the clouds were a gaggle of white-toggaed, beer-toting, white-haired old men are looking down from the heavens on me. “Another one’s talking about giving up drinking,” one [...]

fuck shit up

The university is on strike. Not the professors, but the students. At least some of them are. Behind all the computers around me sit students, dutifully typing away at Word documents and Power Point presentations.
It’s happening all across Germany this week: students aren’t going to classes and are going to open seminars, to protests, to voküs. In Mainz a small tent camp has been set up outside of one of the student centers, and we–those kids from Haus Mainusch–have canceled the afternoon vokü and are cooking evenings in a black tent kitchen on the green next [...]

the f word

Here is another little piece resurrected from the never-finished These Are Our Weapons zine project of ought five, from the days when I was fresh off the boat here and taking care of snotty (in every sense of the term) five year olds for a living. Enjoy.
“So you don’t like the American regime?” Tannus asks me on the subway escalator after class.
“No. Bush is a moron. I can’t believe that so many people voted for him. But maybe that just shows you that a lot of Americans are stupid too.”
“Well what do you believe in?” [...]

click click click

The last month my home has been graced by the presence of fellow dumpster warrior and photographer, Tara Stewart. We’d been scheming for months about what to do during her visit, one of those schemes was a photography project, parts of which will be viewable–just for you dear readers!–on the internet until Saturday, June 20th. The a.d.d. version of the project goes something like this: take the aesthetic of fashion photography and take a set of photographs using wagenplatz residents as models and the wagenplatz itself as the background. But the long version (courtesy of Tara), goes [...]

no experts, no bibles

The term “dumpster diving” was coined by gonzo journalist John Hoffman in his 1992 book The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving, a how-to guide that has become the committed diver’s bible.
-Kamilla Pietrzyk in her article Freegansim: Food for Mind, Body and Soul
Damn it Peitrzyk, there may be a couple of metaphorical dumpster gods, but there is no dumpster bible. I shudder to see the word “bible” used to mean “tome of all-important knowledge on any given subject.” Shame on you.
Not only does this quote irritate me, but the quoted book does as well, even as it defiantly [...]