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going to mülheim (zinefest 2009) part the second

I couldn’t find my way out of the fucking shopping mall, the exits had been closed, there was no way out, any minute security guards would come up behind me to drag me away and I would die here, in a tiny windowless room in the basement of hell.
I like to delude myself into believing that malls are an American phenomenon, that they don’t exist in jolly old Europe. But just like McUgly and Starfucks, they are here, they are everywhere, they are even popular, with a distrurbing number of people. The smell of fast food, the crowds [...]

going to mülheim (zinefest 2009) part the first

“Excuse me, but do you happen to be going to Köln?”
“No, Mülheim. Why, you guys have a group ticket?”
“Yeah. But Mülheim shouldn’t be a problem, same direction.” I had just walked into the Koblenz train station, sheet wrinkles still printed on my face, disgruntled at my excess of luggage and lack of coffee.
“Well, I’d love to ride on your ticket, but I don’t have any money, I can’t pay you anything.”
“Isn’t there an ATM around here?”
“I don’t have an ATM card, and there’s no money in the bank anyway. See, I don’t have any money at [...]

apocalypse books

Apocalypse Books is zine/used book distro in Germany that focuses on diy how to (zines for the apocalypse!), travel stories, squatting (and sneaking), and sticking it to The Man. This is our catalogue. UPDATE: I am no longer running this distro, so consider this an exhibit in the museum of things past and passed. We had a good run.
The Art and Science of Billboard Improvement
At Daggers Drawn
Autonome – Decentralized Resistance in Cold War Germany 1968-1990 Part One
Autonome – Decentralized Resistance in Cold War Germany 1968-1990 Part Two
Autonomia – A History of the Italian Ultra Left of the [...]

tragedy in esslingen

The word Gleisersatzverkehr is an important word to know in German. It means “hahaha, your train isn’t coming and this trip is going to take a lot longer than you thought.”
No internet the night before had meant no train schedule, but when I arrived at the station the first thing I saw was the train heading to Worms. Worms was on the way to Mannheim and so was I, so on I got and off we chugged.
The car was mostly empty, just me and two women with bright purple scarfs wrapped around their heads. I [...]

in another life, i was a music promoter

Love of my life, farmer of the century, song-writer extraordinaire! Katey Sleeveless, get your ass back to Europe so we can get on with the end of the world already!
(That’s my way of saying, look at this new Katey Sleeveless video. Then you should probably go to her website and figure out how to buy her album, or just listen to her songs a million times for free on MurdochSpace because they are AWESOME.) If you pay close attention, you might see me, people I write about, and places I may or may night live. If [...]

trash, police, and the infinite universe

“I feel like riding bikes. Anybody want to go for a bike ride?”
“You’re always so hyperactive after you eat,” Scissors said. He and Karlsson had spent the day cleaning up the place, and Garfield had made a big dinner–vegetable casserole, salad, soy chunks, and sorbet.
“I was thinking about a bike ride too,” Garfield said, rolling a cigarette. We got our hoodies and we got our bikes and we headed toward the farm fields just outside of the university campus. On the way out we passed the university trash depot (where the big trash lives). Sitting on [...]


Time has slowed again, gone back to the way it was when we were kids, when days last for centuries. It bends and stretches, and I live sixteen lives before I find myself in bed again. When I wake up in the morning and open the door, eveything smells warm and green and alive, like jungle.
Now that it’s really spring I’m always outside. All of a sudden I have freckles and am very, very tan. It reminds me of when I first started spending time here and life was too good for work, so I kept [...]

hi-diddley-ho, the pirate’s life for me

It has recently come to my attention that some of you, beloved readers, are kind of confused about my life. “So you actually live in a cardboard box?” “Who the hell are all these people you keep talking about?” “If you don’t work, what is it you actually do all day?” “Are there people who actually listen to Brittney Spears?” “Do you ever shower?” “Could you please start?” Relevant and irrelevant, these are the questions I’ve been hearing lately, and I thought I should skip the whole I’m-going-to-try-to-make-this-all-purdy writer shit and just tell [...]