Monthly archives: March 2009

all hail the green lord

Sometimes I don’t know what to tell you about my life because sometimes I forget how to tell stories, and I get trapped thinking that writing=stories. But hahahaha it doesn’t, joke’s on my writer’s block. Here’s to beautiful moments without plots. Here’s to rambling thoughts without clever punchlines. Here’s to every beautiful sentence ever written, just for the hell of it.
Whenever I want to write, but don’t know where to start, I write letters. Lots of great stuff comes out in letters that I would edit to tatters in any other form. But in [...]

once upon a dumpster

In the Dumpster Grammies, I think I have a good running chance for Most Bizarre Find. I like to imagine that a supersticious employee places the plastic foot there every night to keep the trash theives and evil spirits away.
Then again, maybe the dumpster gods just wanted to console me for the 30-foot fence the food dumpsters were locked up behind. *Shakes fist at fence. Takes picture of foot. Rides home triumphant anyway.*

why did the chicken cross the road?

There is a fury in the air, a fervor, energy seeping back into us all, one by one. Awake, alert, dressed, outside, and all before ten a.m. A bike ride to the grocery store for seitan-making and cake-baking supplies. Four kilos of flour, washed and sitting in the marinade. A lesson in splitting wood (not to be confused with chopping wood), people bustling around to cut and saw and measure and build and plant, others drinking coffee in the sun.
I had been thinking about it for a while, probably years. “Just [...]

where there’s always music in the air and the birds sing a pretty song

We no longer have the internet in our wagon, which means that now when I want to visit happy shiny internet land, I have to walk a few minutes and sit in a painfully white, painfully windowless room at the university. Is it day? Is it night? Is it sunny? Is it raining? Who knows! We’ve got theses to write and emails to check! I shudder, remembering the days when the pressure of classes and grades kept me in rooms like this, writing for 48 hours straight, popping Ritalin, chugging coffee, having nervous [...]

still not whistling dixie

All hail ye mighty dumpster! Cornucopia of produce, filler of the so-called “bottomless salad bowl” we keep in our kitchen, and generous giver of bread and sugar-filled baked goods! Provider of sustenance, clothing, typewriters, furniture, and stereos! We salute you! (A moment of silence please…)
Maybe it’s just spring madness setting in–the madness being that “spring cleaning,” for many, translates into “throwing completey functional and often expensive things away”–but this morning I found one of my housemates actually SCRUBBING THE KITCHEN FLOOR and me, I’ve been on reconnaissance missions almost every night, scouting out new dumpsters, taking [...]

land of the free, home of the food disparagement laws

There are some fucked up laws out there, tell you what. There are the obviously fucked up: The Patriot Act, laws in Bavaria making any unregistered “meeting” of more than two people an “illegal gathering,” and every law that morphs innocent ole dumpster diving into the ill-boding refrain of “trespassing” and “robbery.” Then there are the bizarre: Old laws still on the books from who knows when, made ridiculous in absense of their original context, fit only for chain emails and poorly designed websites. (Who am I kidding? How many laws are there that don’t lean [...]

i heart katey sleeveless

Because she made me this. And in general. The footage is from The Most Beautiful Squat of All Time, Somewhere, Spain.

And while I’m shamelessly tossing around youtube website-promotion videos on this laziest of Sundays, this is a short promoting her site. (With inspired cinematography by yours truly, hahaha.) Katey Sleeveless: opening beer cans with chic peas since 1984.

Consider it a teaser for those stories that, oh yes, are still on the way.

dumpster diver arrested in belgium

From indymedia on March 5th (I’ve translated the article into English below):
Dumpster-diver in Belgien inhaftiert
In der Nacht von 25.2.2009 auf den 26.2.2009 wurde ein Aktivist der Waldbesetzung Lappersfort in Brugge Belgien beim Containern vehaftet. Aus mehreren Gruenden gab ebenjener Aktivist seine Identitaet nicht preis und spricht auch nicht mit Polizei und Staatsanwaltschaft.
Am Donnerstag den 26.2. wurde er unter den Anklagepunkten Einbruch und Diebstahl ins Gefaengnis Bruegge ueberstellt. Anzumerken hier ist, das der Supermarkt dessen Eigentum die Container sind keine Anzeige erstattet, somit wird nur vom Staat Belgien Anklage erhoben.
Am Samstag den 28.2. wollte eine Anwaeltin mit dem Inhaftierten sprechen, [...]

the cries and the wails of the valley below

Here it is, back from the dead, yet another little diddy by Tara from the never-finished These Are Our Weapons project. Enjoy.
It’s amazing, once you start thinking about it, how many things we actually repress. Most of it has to do with language, things you can’t say, won’t say, etc. Then there are the cries of grief you can’t even explain, unutterable wails of despair that rise up in your throat only to be choked down again until you’re literally choking on unexpelled air, because we’re not supposed to be so emotional. There are sobs that [...]