Monthly archives: October 2007

operation dresden wg

Wohngemeinschaft (WG) noun: 1 a number of persons living together in one apartment, usually co-operatively
I fell in love with the stairwell before I even saw the apartment.  Old concrete walls chipped in places, as if the shrapnel had walked in the front door and gone upstairs.  Something happened to you in that stairwell. A musty spell released by a foot on a step, in just the right light.  Time was suspended, and disbelief, a dark banister leading you somewhere, you didn’t know where, but somewhere, a mystery, pulling you further inside. Anything could have been up those stairs.  A [...]

welcome to dresden

The only thing that can save us now is five gallons of juice, Laugenbrötchen, and three packs of mozzarella cheese, I’m sure of it.
I’d woken up to a text from A. “Life is pain,” it’d said. I had nodded, dizzy, not quite sober, wondering if she could read my mind or if she was as hung over as I was. Note to self: do not have grand finale goodbye party BEFORE carrying all your belongings down the five flights of winding stairs. Life is pain.
J, M, and I exchanged half-awake, half-sober grimaces. If I didn’t drag myself down the [...]