A Shiny New Bike and the Usual Sexism

So we get this new bike, for Winter, a gift from a friend whose kids have outgrown the little, red, pedal-less thing.  I pick her up from the pre-school carrying it on my back.  She’s excited, circling it, trying to get on the seat even though it is still a little bit too big.  One of the male teachers comes over, asks if I want him to look it over.  Not really.  I know bikes.  I just got this one.  We’re likely to survive the trip home.  I politely decline.
While I’m getting Winter’s helmet and coat, he looks the bike [...]

Life Between

We are teetering on the edge between seasons, the fine line between End of Summer, Fall, and Winter Is Almost Here.  We light the wood stove, sometimes.  We prepare firewood and collect kindling from the surrounding forest.  We stack wood and briquettes, even though half of the shipment came in yellowing and moldy, and the Beard re-organizes the wood and tool shed.  I enjoy the light of the fire as is tumbles and turns, twitching behind the glass of the wood stove door, but I am not ready.  The laziness of summer is still upon me.  I just want to [...]

Exploring Germany: Mühlenplatz (Or, Visit Every Important Building in Germany in Fifteen Minutes)

We biked 60 kilometers that day.  It had rained as we set up our tent (after 14 km in the rain between train and camp, my phone falling repeatedly onto the concrete, the gps failing).  It had rained during the Trendelburg Mittelalterfest.  If the water from the overflowing creek beside our tent hadn’t been louder than raindrops, I would be able to tell you that it rained all night.  Our tent was missing pieces.  Our sleeping bags were too thin.  We spent the early mornings hiding in the heated laundry and wash room, drying our shoes on the radiator and [...]

A DJ for the End Times

This summer I saw a lot of road. Roads in Switzerland, roads in Sweden, roads in Holland and in Germany, and a hell of a lot of roads in Ireland and France.  On tour with my band, Battenkill Ramblers, and The Corn Potato String Band, we spent three weeks driving and singing, singing and driving.  But this guy. I will never forget this fucking guy.
Up in the fog-horned Swiss mountains, we played an anniversary show for a gorgeous collective farm called Cernievillers. The food was decadent and delicious in the way that only whole, fresh foods are. The people were [...]

The Past, the Present, and the Future: My Tiny House

Today I stood on the stoop of our tiny kitchen, looking out at the other two Bauwagen (or trailers, gah, I still feel uncomfortable using that word) that make up our home, and had a moment of wonder. How far we’ve come! How much has changed! Look at that shed!  Look at that lawn!  And how about that attractively mulched path, eh?
Visitors still find Click Clack Gorilla in droves via the Tiny Yellow House video that Deek put together about what is now our guest room, storage room, and library.  I re-watched it today and was in awe.  That space [...]

Welcome to the Click Clack Gorilla Facelift

Well holy fucking shit. I was beginning to think this day would never come, but BEHOLD! Click Clack Gorilla has a brand new face. If you notice any bugs still crawling around, anything doesn’t work for you (or works especially well), please let me know. New face means new content. New face means old, shitty problems gone away. New face means new life in this space. Glory, glory, glory. Here we come.
Meanwhile in England…
I recently spent ten days geeking it up at Nine Worlds and the World Science Fiction Convetion.  It was a raucous good time.  And look: I even [...]

not dead yet

Just struggling with time management.  Oh, the tales I have to tell.  But first things first, blog maintenance and fixing problems and blah blah blah.  Consider this your warning.  I am planning on moving Click Clack Gorilla over to another server at the end of the week.  If all goes well, it will be back online and looking stunning by the beginning of the next.  If all does not go well, it will take longer.  Considering these things almost never go as planned, let’s just say “see you in August.”  (If things go terribly wrong, I will still be over [...]

around the platz, april 2014

Wow guys. I finally posted something that even those having trouble seeing my new posts could actually find, and all the “we missed you” and “yeys” I heard in return were awesome. Thanks for the high fives. Back at you.
Today I’ve got a few more photos of life on the Platz, though at this point they are a bit old. Instead of freshly agitated dirt, we have grass so green it looks fake. The herb garden is flourishing (and possibly saved the lives of the two sage plants I raised from seed).  So yeah, old news, and I’ll have to [...]

if you can see this post, you have won a prize. and also: our kitchen!

And the prize is that you can see this post.  SIGH.  My radio silence lately has been the result of some technical issues.  I would describe them for you and whine a bunch in vivid detail, but really, who fucking cares?!  I owe you some pictures of our new kitchen, and today I am here to deliver.  That’s right.  Uh-huh.  Look at these beauties.
You’ve seen the outside at least a dozen times already, but, yeah, it is still awesome.

No fictisiously clean kitchens in my photos! I am not fast enough to take pictures during the three seconds that is remains [...]